Lunchbox Ended Up In The Hospital After Passing Out Several Times

Over the weekend, Lunchbox posted to his social media sharing that he had ended up in the hospital due to throwing up and passing out.

We finally got some clarity on what all happened and how Lunchbox is doing now. Everything happened Friday evening, Lunchbox woke up from a nap and felt that he needed to throw up, but instead ended up passing out. His wife thought he was messing with her at first, but when she went to wake him up, he didn't. Shortly after coming to, another passing out occurred and Lunchbox's sister whose a nurse in Texas told him he needed to get to the Emergency Room ASAP.

Lunchbox went and shared on The Bobby Bones Show that he was worried about how long the wait was going to take, but thinks his "celebrity status" allowed him to get in him quickly. He found out that it was likely just a bug that his son came home from daycare with, but the hospital also did an EKG on his heart to be sure the passing out wasn't anything more serious.

Thankfully, there isn't anything going on with Lunchbox's heart and he's doing much better now. Listen below to everything Lunchbox experienced and how he felt about everything going down.

Lunchbox Hospital Sick

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