Dolly Parton's 'Buddy Program' Goes Viral On TikTok: Watch

Photo: Getty Images

Dolly's Parton's "Buddy Program" is going viral on TikTok due to a fan getting all of the details from a coworker that went to the same high school as the "Jolene" singer (though not at the same time).

In the video, Cam (@camc.farrar) details his coworker's experience with the "Buddy Program." According to them, when they graduated high school Parton gave them $500. The programs rules were that if you and your "buddy" both graduate you both get $500. Later, the TikToker did more research on the program and found out that Dolly drove down the dropout rate from 30% to 6%. He clarified that this is only one of the educational initiatives from the Dollywood foundation.

Fans raved about Dolly in the comments, with some adding their own experiences with her initiatives:

my daughter gets a book every month from Ms. Dolly just by being born in Tennessee. After 2 years she has a whole shelf of books she can choose from.
she is literally our only national treasure. she is doing so much good for kids and like everyone. i love her
Making it a buddy program is genius! Shared responsibility, and it encourages people to help each other.
In Nashville she’s worshipped 😂 like she’s done so much for the community everybody loves her

Watch the TikTok below.

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