Kelleigh Bannen Unleashes Extra Swagger In ‘Deluxe’ Music Video

Kelleigh Bannen’s smoky voice and sultry swagger are sure to catch your attention in her brand-new single, “Deluxe” which tells of the luxuries found within a very “extra” romance.

Directed by Carlos Ruiz, we see the “Deluxe” singer confidently strut her stuff as she lures in a top-notch lover in the scenes of her retro-rock anthem. It's “Extra! Extra!” and you need to see it for yourself by watching the video posted below!

Cody Alan cites Kelleigh as one of his favorite new female artists. Listen in to hear Kelleigh turn the tables during the 100th Cody Cast podcast celebration. Listen ON DEMAND by clicking HERE.

“Deluxe” follows the release of Bannen’s highly-lauded, three-song EP The Joneses, which racked up millions of streams and included fan-favorite songs; “Happy Birthday,” “The Joneses” and “John Who.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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