Eddie Got His Eyebrow Shaved & Held A Sign On The Street For An Hour

A few weeks back Eddie attempted two field goal kicks after telling Bobby Bones that he could have been a college walk-on as a kicker. Eddie always makes some claims that he was a 3-star recruit in high school and then went further recently when he said that he could have walked-on as a college athlete to be one of the kickers on the football team.

After attempting to kick two 30-yard field goals at the Tennessee Titans practice field and missing, Eddie then had to fulfill his end of the bet since he lost. Losing meant that he needed to shave his eyebrow in 3 spots and then go stand on the street corner for awhile with a sign that read "I'm Not An Athlete!"

So today (December 9), Eddie had to fulfill his losing bet. Mike D shaved Eddie's one eyebrow with three streaks in it in the studio. Then Eddie took to the street to hold up his sign and people totally ignored him.

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