Texas Teen Lucky To Be Alive After Falling Off Bridge While Taking A Selfie


An 18-year-old from Texas is lucky to be alive after falling 50 feet from a bridge while trying to snap the perfect selfie. Triston Bailey and his friends were driving home from a Dallas Stars game when they decided to pull over on the Margaret McDermott Bridge so they could get a picture with the Dallas skyline in the background. Bailey hopped over the concrete barrier but did not realize there was a gap in the middle and he fell onto the ground below the bridge, suffering a collapsed lung, a pelvic fracture, and lacerations to his spleen.

“I was going over the concrete barriers, and they heard me exclaim. They thought I was joking and that I was trying to mess with them that I fell,” Bailey told FOX4. “But then they said they looked over and, just like the movies, I'm just laid out there on the dirt.”

His friends called 911, and Bailey was rushed to the hospital. Doctors at Methodist Medical Center said it was miraculous that his injuries were not more severe based on how far he fell.

"He was the perfect specimen to survive that injury. There are a lot of people who wouldn't have been able to," trauma surgeon Dr. Edgar Araiza explained to KXAS-TV. "We have people that fall from 10 feet and never leave the hospital, so for this young man to fall from 50 feet in the middle of the night into God knows what, and to emerge with his injuries is truly miraculous."

Bailey is expected to make a full recovery and hopes to join the Air Force once his rehabilitation is complete.


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