Lisa Law, award winning author, photographer, and documentary film maker will be talking about her work “Flashing on the Sixties” at the Farmington Museum on February 18th in conjunction with the Technicolor Dreaming: Psychedelic Poster from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit now on display there.

Law’s book, Flashing on the Sixties, is a unique pictorial record of the decade, reflecting on her never-ending search for “memorable human images.” Her documentary of the same name has won four major film festival awards and has been viewed by millions on Cinemax and The Discovery Channel. Actor-director Dennis Hopper described this film as “the most compelling, moving documentary of the Sixties.”

Law, a current Santa Fe resident, will be doing a presentation on her experiences photographing the musicians and attendees at Woodstock in 1969 along with a screening of the film documentary Flashing on the Sixties followed by a Q&A session and book signing. This program is free and open to the public.